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Help protect dolphins and their habitat by adopting a wild bottlenose dolphin. Join our "dolphin family" and help build a better future for these magnificent creatures living in our oceans. Your support will help our important conservation and research efforts.


MOZZA, short name for Mozzarella, has been observed many times by the L.A. Dolphin Project Research Team and only in the coastal waters of Santa Monica Bay.


NINAMOM is a female observed exclusively in coastal waters. She is also a mother and was spotted with her calf twice in 1998 and 1999.


NICO has been observed mostly in coastal waters by the L.A. Dolphin Project Research Team. We have only seen him once offshore.


MELMOM is a female observed along the coastal waters of Santa Monica Bay. MELMOM is a mother and the L.A. Dolphin Project Team has seen her in company of her calf on several occasions.


EOS was observed mostly in coastal waters but, occasionally, he was seen foraging along the Redondo submarine Canyon in the offshore waters of the Santa Monica Bay. EOS was also found in the same school of another member of our adoption family, POINT.


POINT is a coastal dolphin although he was observed in offshore waters on one occasion. He was also found in the same school with EOS, another member of our dolphin adoption family.

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The six dolphins available here for adoption, are just a few of the individuals already photo-identified by Ocean Conservation Society research teams...

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For each minimum $50.00 tax-deductable adoption contribution you will receive:

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