Help protect our oceans and their majestic wildlife

Ensure the health of the oceans and the conservation and well-being of whales, dolphins, and other marine species you love. Your actions can make all the difference.

Help Everyone to
“Be Whale Aware!”

Learn how to safely observe dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals in the wild – then download and share our observation guides to educate others!

Contribute to our Balloon Pollution Research

Balloons can have devastating impacts on marine life. If you find balloon trash anywhere in California, fill out our Be Balloon Aware Survey. Your data can help change regulations to better protect marine mammals and other wildlife!

Shop & Support

Actively support ocean conservation in style by buying apparel – including t-shirts, sweatshirts or hats – via our Bonfire fundraising campaign. 100% of profits go to our active marine mammal research projects and public education campaigns.

Adopt A Dolphin

Adopt one of the wild bottlenose dolphin individuals we’ve identified during our on-the-water research! Each adoption kit helps fund our conservation work and makes a uniquely personalized and educational gift.

End Keeping Whales
& Dolphins in Captivity

Help end the capture of wild whales and dolphins for human exploitation and entertainment! Support the creation of seaside sanctuaries as humane, alternative habitats for those freed from captivity. 

Be an Influencer!

Creating a Facebook fundraising campaign for Ocean Conservation Society on your birthday, anniversary or as a memorial is an easy and meaningful way to help – Share your love for the oceans while inspiring your friends and family to support marine conservation!


Other meaningful ways you can contribute