Almost 30 years of studies dedicated to ocean conservation

Marine Mammal Research

OCS has been conducting field studies on dolphins, whales and other marine species since 1996. Our research is one of the longest-running investigations on marine mammals existing worldwide.

Scientific Findings

Our studies provide an important, fact-based foundation for the protection of marine mammals and their ocean environment. OCS scientific findings help steer conservation and management policies, inform decisions regarding Marine Protected Areas, and shape engaging public education campaigns.

Conservation Goals

We publish our research, share our data, and strongly collaborate with other marine scientists and organizations to achieve a collective goal – protecting the ocean and its inhabitants during our lifetimes, and for future generations.


Current Ocean Conservation Society studies

Ecology of Bottlenose Dolphins
off Southern California

Skin Diseases & Deformities in Dolphins & Implications for Human Health

Balloon Pollution

Marine Mammals, Human Impact
& Protected Areas

California Dolphin Online Catalog

Movement Patterns of Coastal
Bottlenose Dolphins

Scientific research is conducted
under the NOAA/NMFS permit


Funds are urgently needed for our scientific work to continue

SOS! OCS needs your help!

Climate change is affecting wildlife worldwide. More than ever, we must protect our natural resources, and to do so we need solid science. That’s what we provide at OCS: science-based research that can affect meaningful change. But we (and the oceans) can’t survive this difficult time without your financial support. SOS for OCS!


number of marine mammal SPECIES we study:
10 dolphins & porpoises
8 whales
2 sea lions
1 seal