Leave a legacy for dolphins, for whales and for the oceans

You can designate Ocean Conservation Society as a beneficiary in your living trust or will, estate plan, IRA/retirement plan, life insurance or other planned giving options to make a lasting impact. By gifting us with your generosity, you will join our fight and ensure that our longstanding on-the-water studies & outreach programs will continue to thrive into the years to come. Together, we can make a difference and secure a future for these charismatic species and the marine ecosystems now so critically affected by our human activities.


There are many ways you can support our efforts, help dolphins & whales and their habitats for the next generations to see, and leave a meaningful legacy for you and/or your loved ones.

Bequest Will, Estate Plan or Revocable Living Trust

Including Ocean Conservation Society as a beneficiary of your Will, Estate Plan or Revocable Trust is easy to do, and is a great way to have an enduring impact for the causes you care most about (see How Your Gift Will Make a Difference). OCS can be designated the recipient of a specific amount, a certain asset, or a percentage of your bequest. You always remain in control of your assets and can change the beneficiary/ies at any time during your life.

The best way to move forward with this gift is to contact an attorney and inform him / her of your intentions. Here is a sample with some language / information that you can take to your attorney:
I bequeath to Ocean Conservation Society, Inc. (Tax ID #95-4691853), located in Marina del Rey, California, the amount of $______ (or asset) to be used for  ______ (e.g., general support, on-the-water research, educational programs & campaigns).

IRA or Other Retirement Plans

IRA’s or other types of qualified retirement plans (401k, profit-sharing pension, etc.) can also be means to support our research & conservation efforts and leave your personal legacy to the oceans. Designating Ocean Conservation Society as a partial, sole or contingent beneficiary of any of these accounts can also provide tax relief for you or your loved ones.

We suggest contacting your financial or legal advisor to get all the information you need before making a gift to Ocean Conservation Society, and to discuss the advantages of donating to an established charitable, tax-deductible organization like ours.

Life Insurance

You can help us to succeed with our work by including OCS as the beneficiary your life insurance policy proceeds, or part of them. There are three ways to donate your life insurance to us:

• You can name us a beneficiary of the policy
• You can make an outright  gift to us of an existing policy
• You can make an outright gift to us of a new policy

There are different tax advantages depending which route you decide to take and we suggest to discuss any gift in detail with your financial or legal advisor.

Other Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

• Commercial Annuities
• Certificates of Deposit, Savings or Brokerage Accounts
• Bank or Brokerage Accounts

For these and other gifts that can leave a lasting impact for our ongoing research and conservation efforts, please always consult with your financial or legal advisor and provide our information here below:

Legal Name  Ocean Conservation Society
Status  Non-profit organization
Tax ID #  95-4691853
Address PO Box 12860, Marina del Rey, CA 90295, USA
Phone  (310) 822-5205

Ocean Conservation Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, meaning your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Because of our non-profit status and interest in this matter, however, we cannot serve as personal representative, executor, trustee or witness for a bequest.

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How your gift will make a difference

Your charitable gift will be spent in the most efficient manner to protect dolphins and whales in the wild.

Donations will be used to support:

Field Research

OCS field research continuing  over two decades of uninterrupted monitoring of marine mammals (one of the longest projects of this kind worldwide)

Lab Work 

Our lab work, because for every hour spent in the field our OCS team spends at least four hours desk-bound analyzing data, matching dorsal fins, etc

Campaigns & Programs

Our ongoing campaigns and other education, conservation and outreach programs so we can educate and inspire the general public to act and put pressure on decision-makers


Our collaborative efforts with other organizations which allow us to get a greater picture of what’s going on with many pressing issues concerning our oceans and their inhabitants

Operation Costs

General operation costs that we always try to keep to a bare minimum so that our efforts go to what’s most important to you. Most of our staff are volunteers

Thank you for your generous and meaningful contribution for the protection of whales, dolphins and the oceans


Other meaningful ways you can donate